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Prevents cross-infection - zero contact removes extra risk for operators; and negates/minimises any need for patients to disinfect before using thermometers.


To measure temperature, simply hold your wrist 1cm -4cm from the temperature measurement module on the right side, and the screen displays your body temperature. 

Real-time temperature detection and on-screen display

High temperature voice alarm and visual warning.

• Temperature range: 30°C-45°C

• Temperature accuracy: 0.1°C

• Temperature deviation: 0.3°C


Built-in infrared thermoelectric sensor.


Privacy proof

Only measures human body temperature and does not collect any other data. 

Efficient and accurate 

Its simple solo person operation and contactless measurement, removes any need to wait and no need to wait or employ (trained) operators. 


Allowing for faster, more efficient large-scale screening, such as in airports, restaurants, shops, schools and offices.

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